Art Stickers Album - Perfect Gift For Artists - STICKY ICKY II

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We are offering the last of a 100 exclusive stock of this amazing collector stickers album a very cool gift for artists, boyfriends and girlfriends alike. Also works great as laptop stickers and makes a brilliant scrapbook idea. You won't find this anywhere else in UK.


From Royal Academy of Arts students, all the way to programmers wanting something cool at the back of their laptop, a perfect gift for anyone who is interested in art that can be literally stuck on a wall. Also for true collectors, who dear not to peal a single sticker to keep it in immaculate mint condition.

This second edition follows a complete sell-out of the first version distributed via our travelling van across Europe's climatic hipster hangout scene. If you were lucky enough to get your hands one of these, kudos to you. 

The album comprises of more than 200 pieces created by a variety of 50 contemporary, urban and visionary young artists from Europe and beyond.